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Here you will find some of the most interesting and delicious places that I've been lucky enough to eat (& drink) in and around Portland!

While reading, be sure to remember that everyone's opinion on food is subjective. 

photo mar 23, 7 08 55 pm.jpg
photo mar 23, 7 08 55 pm.jpg

Sesame Donuts

These donuts may not be vegan or very healthy at all....but they are delicious! Sesame donuts has a wide array of classic bakery treats to choose from. Plus, they have a 24 hour location not too far from downtown! 

Portland Coffee Roasters

Words can barely describe how delicious this coffee is. I usually get a (decaf) vanilla latte with half almond milk, half whole milk & a little extra vanilla and it never disappoints. There is a lot of great coffee in Portland but PCR does it SO WELL.  10/10

photo mar 16, 1 15 46 pm.jpg
photo feb 24, 8 14 16 pm.jpg

Sizzle Pie

Finally! A pizza that actually tastes like real pizza. It's been quite a challenge to find a classic slice here in Portland so when I saw Sizzle's pies I knew I had to get a whole one. It's classic, not overdone, and delicious!

The Fry Bar

These French fries may look simple but they taste like a party in your mouth. They are classic and delicious. Plus The Fry Bar has quite a few options for sauces to choose from that you can dip into to to enhance your fry experience.

photo feb 06, 3 33 44 pm.jpg
photo feb 21, 12 31 04 pm.jpg

Kickin Chicken Wings

Kickin Chicken Wings is an amazing food truck located inside BG's Food Truck Court in Beaverton. It has one of the best buffalo chicken sandwiches I have ever had. I have eaten here more than anywhere else since moving to the PNW and imagine I will continue to go for as long as I can because of how delicious it is! Plus, the people working here always are always friendly which makes the experience that much better. 10/10 


Killer Burger

I had been recommended Killer Burger quite a few times before I finally decided to try it. I ordered a classic cheese burger thinking "how could this disappoint" but unfortunately it did. I personally prefer my meat on the sweeter side & this did not lean sweet at all. The lettuce was shredded which quickly became soggy & messy. The sauce was bitter and not something my palette enjoyed.

The French fries were yummy though! (Plus, my parents really enjoyed their burgers, so that doesn't mean you won't!)

photo feb 21, 12 31 04 pm.jpg

St. Cupcakes 

St. Cupcakes is an adorable bakery downtown that sells mini cupcakes (called dots) as well as full sized cupcakes that are baked fresh daily. I cannot say enough about how amazing the chocolate cupcakes are, and with ANY flavor icing. The vanilla buttercream is my favorite but hot fudge and chocolate are delicious too. They have lots of fun, unique flavors as well as classics that are all well priced. They also sell some adorable party decorations and lots of fun flavors of popcorn! 

photo feb 21, 12 31 04 pm.jpg

Cheryl's on 12th

I ate one of my first meals back in society again at Cheryl's! They set up individual green house huts for guests to sit and eat at outside to accommodate more patrons even with COVID restrictions. Inside was a heater, a table, and four chairs. It was great for a windy day! The food was fantastic, fresh, and the waitress was very smooth despite having to travel outside and what not. I was very happy with our experience at Cheryl's downtown.

photo feb 21, 12 31 04 pm.jpg
photo feb 21, 12 31 04 pm.jpg

Doe Donuts

When I asked Instagram what the best vegan donuts in Portland were, Doe Donuts was easily the shop with the most responses. I can absolutely see why, they are cute, have good ingredients (most are vegan) and yummy! I will say that the flavors are a bit extra so be prepared for that when you go in, but they are done very well. 

*pictured donut is lavender cookie dough*

photo feb 21, 12 31 04 pm.jpg

Cafe Umbria

Cafe Umbria is a chain of coffee shops in downtown Portland that sets themselves apart by serving a yummy dark chocolate with every coffee. I haven't noticed anything amazingly life changing about their espresso or vanilla (what usually keeps me coming back) but they do make a decent cup of coffee! 

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