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Urban Canna Releases 2 New Strains

I have waited in some very long lines to get my hands on some of Urban Canna's best strains so when I heard that they were releasing two new, very interesting sounding ones, I knew I had to find out when and where. It's not everyday that one of the best farms in the state releases a new strain, let alone two at one time!

One of the main reasons Urban Canna produces some of the best flower is because they are consistent. When picking up some of their bud, you always know what type of quality you're going to get- it's consistently grown, flushed, cured, and trimmed to near perfection.

One of the strains that Urban Canna released is called Hood Candyz, which is Runtz x Why U Gelly. It has a very deep purple color, with orange hairs poking through. It is sweet while also being decently stinky with a mild pine-y aroma.

A bowl of this usually leaves me feeling calm, relaxed, and chill- but not fully ready for bed; which has made it great for the mid afternoons or even late morning to help me get back on track to get some things done while keeping me from being overwhelmed. I really enjoy this strain.

The other strain that I was lucky enough to get my hands on is Gruntz which is Runtz x Gushers x F1 Durb. This one has surprisingly made me feel a lot more relaxed than the "Hood Candyz" does. It is also sweet, fruity, and stinky in aroma and in actual flavor. It's amazing.

Some of my favorite strains from them include Gelato Cake, Ice Cream Sandwich, Octane Mint Sorbet, Cake Crasher, and Dirty Bananas. I really enjoy sweet strains that make me feel chill rather than upbeat and racey. More "chill" strains often contain a higher amount of the terpene myrcene which can have an earthy, musky, and grape like smell.

While these strains are new, I would say they definitely live up to the high quality of Urban Canna's standard. I wouldn't recommend them if you prefer more of a racey, head high- but if you want a more relaxing, classic, type of high, either of these strains would do the job and leave you very satisfied.

(My information on genetics comes directly from the farm & everything else is my opinion!)

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May 03, 2021



Nicely written!

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