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Who is Cannavieve?
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My name is Genevieve and I am a young woman who uses cannabis both medicinally and recreationally in my everyday life. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning, encourages me make it through the day, and helps me wind down in the evening.

I have been consuming cannabis for over 8 years (medicinally for 3), as well as purchasing products in legal cannabis markets for over 4 years now. Throughout this time I have worked at 4 dispensaries and not once did I receive any sort of education about....well anything!

I quickly realized that the people I had been purchasing my cannabis from didn't have much more knowledge than the information provided on the packages. And even then- it's often that people don't understand much of what the busy packages say anyways. (myself included sometimes!)

Realizing this has made me extremely passionate about wanting create an platform to give people the opportunity to educate themselves about how to choose the right products based on their own personal needs for consumption. 

I am proud to say that a lot of what I learned has come from own experiences with cannabis as well as discussing with customers and consumers that I have been connected with for long periods of time. There was not nearly as much information out there a few years ago as there is now because the scientific research for cannabis is still fairly new and even still taboo or frowned upon in some places.

I hope to play a part in changing this by educating people about what cannabis really is and can do to truly help people and enhance lives! 

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