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Boost Evo Review

An electric vaporizer that truly surpasses the competition. If we can even call them that.

I had almost fully given up on dabbing before Dr.Dabber released their new vaporizer a few months ago. The effort it takes to torch the entire banger, find the perfect time or temp the perfect cool down, and to clean your banger after started becoming too much for me. Sure, you can choose not to do all of those things, but your consumption experience will most likely be terrible compared to if you had taken the proper steps.

A bong rip doesn't require nearly as much planning, time, or clean up as a dab does, which makes it a lot more appealing for someone like myself who doesn't always have the extra minute or patience to do all of that work.

I have used just about every well known electric vaporizer on the market now and can confidently say the Boost Evo is better than all of them for a multitude of reasons.

No Glass Carb Cap

One of the main reasons that the Boost Evo is so great is because it doesn't have a glass carb cap. There are no extra parts banging around or pieces that can potentially get lost which is a huge plus in my opinion.

You load the device by pulling the actual glass attachment off of the battery to reveal a metal dish inside. This is where you load your concentrates and then place the top back on. (below)

To release vapor from inside the glass when using it, you press on a small metal button attached to the magnet that connects the glass and device together.

This process is so simple, smooth, and convenient it's almost crazy to think that we've been doing something else for so long. Because the carb is a simple button releasing air, users don't have any extra pieces of glass that get sticky and need to be cleaned like they would with an actual carb cap.

Battery Life

Have you ever reached for your electric vaporizer only to find out that the battery is dead? Boy do I know how frustrating this is. The battery life on a lot of e-nails is not so great.

I've had my Boost Evo for almost 3 months now and have only charged it once, the day I opened it. I did not use it daily, probably more like 3-4 x a week but I still never had any issues with it running out of battery or letting me know it was dying like I definitely would've expected. Dr. Dabber seems to make sure that most of their products have great battery life!

Easy to Use

Dr. Dabber's original vaporizer The Switch, is still one of the most unique, intuitive, and personalizable vaporizers on the market. It can be fine tuned to meet your personal preferences and needs which is great, but this means that it can also have a bit of a learning curve before you're fully comfortable with it.

The Boost Evo takes away all of the confusion with a few simple operating instructions that are very easy to remember.

5 clicks = On & Off

3 clicks = Change Temp

Press & hold = Start Heat Cycle

The temperatures are displayed through different colors which in my opinion makes the whole experience of dabbing with it even more fun. I don't have every color and its temperature memorized, but I do know that purple is the lowest (at 500˚) and it goes up by 50˚ whenever you press the button 3 times to change the temp.

Because there are so many options, you can set the device to your personal temperature preferences to get the ideal dabbing experience every single time!

Quality Glass

The glass attachment itself is very thick and sturdy, plus it has nice function. A lot of vaporizers have simple glass pieces that aren't very enjoyable to use, but the Boost Evo has a percolator inside that makes the function of the glass interesting & nice to use.

Easy to Clean

Because the Boost Evo is made up of so few parts, it is very easy to clean. I like to q-tip the atomizer almost every time I use it to keep it from getting gunked up, but the few times I have skipped q-tipping directly after my dab, it has not been too much of a challenge to get clean again. I just heat it up for a second and q-tip the old dab off.

If you're like me, sick of how much work dabbing is, or have been considering getting a new product to enhance your concentrate consumption experience, look no further. The Boost Evo has everything you didn't know you needed. It will not disappoint you!

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