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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Infused pre rolls- yes or no?

We've all heard this question before- flower or dabs?? A majority of people choose where they stand based on the flavor profile, how the high feels, and the effort it takes to actually consume. Fortunately the new pre rolls from Lowd take all of that questioning out - you get the high and flavor from both a dab and flower! Plus, they’re super easy to use. You just light one up and go- no cleaning necessary!

Lowd is a well recognized cannabis production company in Oregon that produces high quality, innovative, and consistent craft cannabis. Their practices are curated, unique, and relatively exclusive which is part of the reason I was so excited to be able to try their new bubble hash infused pre rolls.

The strain inside the prerolls is Cake

Mints infused with bubble hash > yum!

The other strains I was lucky enough to check out were still in flower form which meant I could put them in my bong to enjoy a fat rip of flavor

The first one I reached for was the strain that smelled the sweetest in my opinion- Fiji Sunset which is Glazed Apricot Gelato x Grape Gas.

I REALLY enjoy the aroma of gassy and sweet that this strain gives off. Plus, the nugs are colorful, perfectly dense, and cured to perfection. (Photo below)

The second strain I reached for was the Space Age Cake or SAC which is Animal Face x Kush Mints. (Photo Below)

This one excited me A LOT because of the genetics. For my endocannabinoid system, Animal Face feels like a racey head high and Kush Mints like a relaxing hybrid. This combination left me feeling almost euphoric it was so overwhelming!

After trying these two strains, I was so high I had to crawl into bed but the next morning I started again strong!

I started my day by reaching for Raisin Bread which is Ghost OG x Cereal Milk x Lamb's Bread. (Photo Below)

What a fun strain this one is. It smells gassy, sweaty, and sweet - similar to the nose you get when walking into a Cannabis garden! Honestly, I think this one left me higher than I needed to be to start the day but no complaints from me. I was medicated for hours after a rip of Raisin Bread

The last strain I packed up was HSF which is Hawaiian Skunk Face - Hawaiian Butterscotch x Skunk #1. (photo below)

Cheesy, fruity, sweet terps just seeped from this jar begging for me to smoke it. Grinding up a bowl of the HSF created a delicious smell that reminded me of a yummy meal at a restaurant- savory, dank, and delicious!

I found that all of the loose strains I tried lean a little on the head high side rather than a body high. Although the Cake Mints pre roll was more of a relaxing, full bodied high (which I personally prefer over feeling medicated in my head)

If you're someone who loves quality tasting cannabis that leaves you feeling ZOOTED I would highly recommend trying anything from Lowd. They even have their own delivery service where you can skip the middleman (the dispensary) and shop directly with the farm. Monday - Saturday from 9am - 2pm you can call 971-DAT- PLUG (971-328-7584) to place an exclusive delivery order with The Lowd! They offer fast delivery and guarantee the flower is FRESH

check out @THELOWD on Instagram and for more info

If you read this far, thank you! Please let me know in the comments if you prefer the photos of flower with a flash or without.


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