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The Best Travel Bong: Tank Glass

There are few things more enjoyable than pulling up to your destination, whipping out a sturdy piece of glass, and packing a fresh bowl. A close second may be a mid-day bong rip on lunch break, or while out running errands. Normally these would be decently risky things to do, but with Tank Glass - there‘s no need to worry.

Tank Glass makes pieces that are EXTREMELY thick- so thick that you can use them as a tennis racket, a bat, or even a hammer. Their Instagram also features videos of them throwing them off of staircases and rooftops.

They have a few designs that I would describe as improved classics. Their function is ideal for those who love beaker and straight tube style rips.

Just looking at their glass alone may not get you very excited, but once you hold a Tank piece in your hands you can truly feel the difference. Using one of these will give you the confidence to bring it along for any adventure or ride.

Their bongs also make great daily drivers for those who may be a bit clumsier in that department thanks to how thick they are.

The downstem probably won’t withstand many accidents so I might recommend getting two, but everything else about these bongs will surpass what you imagine when you think of the word “thick”.

Use code HIGHGEN for 15% off of any order with Tank Glass! I do receive a commission

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