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Joints vs Bongs

When you're craving your first hit of the day, what type of smoking device do you reach for? Do you roll up a fresh jay, or grab a piece that bubbles and chugs when you hit it?

I personally prefer a bong hit over smoking a joint 99.9% of the time. I love the added water filtration because of how smooth it is, and I enjoy taking one larger rip to the face vs puffing on something and letting the high build slowly.

One of the downsides of using glass is having to clean it to truly get the best flavor and consumption experience, but the few minutes it takes shake a little iso and salt is well worth the extra effor- at least in my opinion. Another downside of glass is the potential for it to break but again, it's worth the risk for me! (on that note, TANK Glass makes indestructible glass- I personally used one as a tennis racket and have seen videos of them thrown down staircases.) Use code HIGHGEN if you check them out. (medium beaker featured in photo)

I don't usually prefer joints because papers typically have their own flavor that interrupts the taste of the flower. Although I will say, my ex rolled some thicK joints that were so full of herb you could baaaaaarely taste anything else..

Some downsides of joints are having stinky fingers, making your clothes smell because of how much smoke it produces, having to find somewhere to ash over and over as well as put a dirty little roach. (which I know some people like to save for later- ew..!)

Rolled consumables also have the potential to burn unevenly or "canoe" which can make puffing on them a stressful and inconvienent experience because you're either trying to light the side that won't burn or wasting weed.

One pro of joints is their convenience and ability to be brought on the go discreetly. Going to a concert, or on a short hike or somewhere a bigger bag cannot (or isn't ideal) to be carried around, I can definitely see the appeal of having a jay. What isn't discreet is puffing clouds of smoke over and over for a few minutes, at least compared to one, larger puff...

After hearing my thoughts on joints vs bongs, what are you reaching for your next sesh? Let me know in the comments

(TANK Glass large beaker featured in photo)

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