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Making Your Glass Shine

Consuming flower in a bong gets dirty very quickly. Over time, resin and other minerals can build up on your glass leaving unsightly stains. Whenever this happens, I like to take some time out of my day to soak my glass in Simple Green degreaser to help get things shiny again.

Simple Green is an industrial grade cleaner that is usually found for about 10 bucks Home Depot or Lowe's. It's often used to clean counters, sinks, floors, equipment, engines, vehicles and other water safe surfaces. There are a few different versions like citrus, and heavy duty. I recommend going with the original because it has the fewest ingredients.

Another important thing to remember is to fill the glass up FULLY because wherever is not full with Simple Green, will have a line or a ring because of it's powerful degreasing properties. I would use some caps or plugs from Randy's or Resolution colorado (now Ooze) because they are specifically meant for cleaning glass, but if you find something else that works to plug the holes- try it out! And let me know how it works :)

After completely filling up my piece and sealing the holes, I let it soak in a safe place, usually by the sink or somewhere that doesn't get a lot of action. I let most of my pieces soak for 24 to 72 hours. The amount of soaking time should depend on two things: how much gunk is built up inside the piece, and how quality the glass is.

If a piece has low quality stickers on it, I would NOT recommend soaking it at all. I regularly soak my Illadelph's (which have stickers) and have had no issue; but a no name smoke shop piece may be another story. If it doesn't have stickers, I don't think it would be an issue. And sometimes taking the sticker off can be a good thing- switch up the vibe a bit!

Once the glass has soaked for my desired amount of time, I am sure to rinse it out a few times (and then some) before filling it to be used again. Simple Green is not something you want to smoke or drink so it's really important to get it all the way clean.

There's not really much else to it! I do this every few weeks or whenever I notice a build up in my pieces and it always does a great job of shining them. I also soak my bowls in watered down Simple Green whenever they get gross and it works just as great!

I have attached a link to my Instagram video showing some steps to go along with this short blog. Thank you for taking the time to check it out!

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